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A Albariño, was chosen the best wine in the "New Wave Spanish Wine Awards" 2007.


The competition held in London and highlighted 110 Spanish wines


A team of 16 experts, amongst whom the renowned Master of Wine and president of the jury Tim Atkin, tasted more than 700 samples to select the 110 best Spanish wines availables in the UK off-trade market.


The best wine in the competition indicated by Tim Atkin was something rather curious, paradoxically a mature white wine representing the new wave of Spanish wines. If Spain continues producing wines such as these, just as their full-bodied generous red wines, the future will be brilliant.


The wines selected were grouped into different categories and between them have been awarded 17 trophies.


For example, as the best value in white wines, the award was for “Viña Somoza Classic Godello 2006” from the Valdeorras designation of origin, while the best white below the 10 pounds was selected “Viña del Alba Albariño 2006” and above that price, “Bodegas Pazo de Señorans”, Selection of Vintage 2002, both from Rias Baixas.



the best wine


How to choose


The proper choice of wine at the restaurant will depend, in large part, on the success of the food and its price. A person half-expert in wines can't have more problems than the amount of wines that the wine list contains; neither have problems, at least not in this sense, those whose tastes in wine are subject to be fixed and immutable, so that, whatever happens happens, concentrating on the marks, usually few, who knows well.


The best advice is to seek advice from a sommelier. But above all, we should clear some things. The first, the taste, rules (written or unwritten) about wine and food pairing, there's many but is indisputable that the taste is above any standard.
We must bear in mind that price range are willing to pay. Although it is best to ask for the wine list (and better yet to ask to bring it together with the menu at same time) and establish a relationship between the type of wine and its price; if you still doubt, ask the sommelier about this relationship, who will be a fairly accurate idea of our tastes and our intention of spending.






In conclusion, we suggest you experience it for yourself because competition in the world of wine is becoming tougher day by day. Every time there are new origins, different procedures and different combinations of varietals.Each may have its best wine in mind and this may be very different than the others have thought, but surely all are of equal quality.


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