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We could begin by making a distinction between classic wines and special wines. Classic wines are characterized by not using substances or practices that are used for special wines. Classic wines are the following:


Red wines


Produced mostly from red grapes, as the color is in the skin of the grapes, usually the fermentation should be done with the juice and skins, and only when the fermentation is finished (about 20 days) is proceed to transfer the liquid, already separated from the solid matter, to another tank where will proceed to the second fermentation or to the devatting (term used to describe the process that separates the skin of the juice, draining it, so that the liquid drops and solid waste are retained). The red wine can be matured and depending on the time spent in barrel, oak and bottle, will be: Young, Aging, Reserve (RSV) or Grand Reserve.


White wines


Can be made with white or red grapes, in this second case by separating the juice from the skin to avoid getting color. In general, the fermentation is done with the juice separated from skins, seeds, stalks, etc., and although the aging of these wines is unusual, there are some in which it has been carried out this process.


Rose wines


wine types

These are wines made from red grapes that are allowed some maceration before pressing of the must (juice of the grape), in this way the must takes some color. After filtration, the wort is fermented.


Clarete wines


The name comes from a perversion and imitation of "Claret", the pale red wine of Bordeaux origin. Are commonly made from red and white grapes, making the fermentation with the skins. Its development is justified when the aim is to produce a wine whose color is sufficiently pink, but doesn't have the necessary amount of red grapes.


Ice wines


White wines produced in Germany and later in Canada, are characterized because the grapes are harvested in December (in the middle of boreal winter). Because these are cold (by natural chemical reactions), these wines that are very sweets and acids are obtained from them.


Varietal wines


These wines are often contrasted with the generic or mixed, a varietal wine is one in which a grape variety is predominant; to classify a varietal wine as a wine is taken into account the percentage of the strain, it is considered that a good varietal must have between 80% to 100% of a certain strain of grape.


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