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New World and Old World:


Any wine produced outside the traditional wine-growing areas of Europe and North Africa, in particular from America, South Africa, and Australia, are called the New World.


These are described by grape variety rather than the vineyard, these wines are mature, softer, more fruity and have a darker color, more body, more alcohol than traditional European products (Old World). The term is used to describe a wine with one or all of these features produced in any wine region. Conversely, a wine produced in the New World could be considered of the Old World style.


While America is always classified as New World, Oceania can be correctly described as Old World or New World, according to the context and point of view.






Perhaps the most significant difference is the classification, the old continent is guided more by the denominations of origin, while the wine-producing regions of the new world are less known for themselves and more by the major brands.


Another contrasted difference, is the importance of the vine and its varieties in Europe and North Africa (old world) against the great grape variety of America and Oceania. The varietals perhaps play a bigger role in this burgeoning new world of wine. But perhaps one of the advantages with which the old world provides is the "terroir", something that distinguishes them at the moment, although the relative youth and the boost that have the wines of the new world , portends a happy variety, more extensive and competitive.


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